Question: What happens when a company's mission is to combine the expertise of the best pilots in the industry, negotiate the most competitive market rates and provide exemplary client service to create an exceedingly positive flying experience?

Answer: SevJet is born.


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Compare ranges by choosing a city and determine the appropriate private jet based upon distance and passenger load.


SevJet has teamed up with ARG/US – the most respected and reknowned independent safety rating agency – to ensure each and every flight meets our client's stringent safety expectations.

SevJet requires all our operating partners to comply with the highest level of safety standards for their pilots, ensuring they are of the highest caliber in their respective aircraft they command – we continually monitor pilot's safety record and continuing education of pilots we utilize in our program.

ARG/US aviation safety information provides direct access to the largest database of audited charter operators in the world, always providing our clients with a pre-flight safety audit.

SevJet will provide a custom-tailored TripCHEQ for each and every flight – pilot total flight hours, certifications, incidents and safety record is prepared in a simple, detailed form. All flights are ARG/US Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum rated ensuring nothing is left to chance when it comes to your safety.

SevJet is adamant about safety – your safety.